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The name Love Skillet is a homage to black love and a nod to one of the best gogo albums of all time, Skillet by the Backyard band. A skillet is not only for cooking; it's a catalyst to experience the five love languages. It's where ideas are created, stories are told, and history is made. Even at a young age, I learned how love is sacrifice and beauty, as well time and care. Many nights I would stay up until 3 am hearing my mother’s car door slamming and keys jingling coming in from working the nightshift so that we would have a roof over our heads.  My mother never hesitated to lend a helping hand; she supported the dreams of many which made her so mighty to me. The first turntable I ever owned was purchased by my mother. Her love has helped my family be able to purchase homes, pay for college, start new careers, and now produce an album.


This project is imbued with that same care and love. I produced this album to share my love for music and my growth as a DJ. It's a project with dope beats, talented artists, and most of it is written and produced by me. Love Skillet, is my musical autobiography, depicting a five year journey with my experiences in love and my elevation to the man I am today.

I need your support in supporting my dream of making a difference in my homeland Trinidad & Tobago and creating an audiovisual art piece for my album, Love Skillet. My goal is to raise $20,000. With this amount, 20% of the proceeds will go towards those in Trinidad & Tobago who lack resources, and the remaining amount will be for bringing my journey of love and growth to the screen in hopes of building community and belongingness. 

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